5 free content marketing tools

5 free content marketing tools
5 free content marketing tools

It is the single most important thing for the content writer to find a great content marketing tool. Many free and paid tools are present. However, as you are looking for 5 free content marketing tools, you may read this article. Not much, it will just cost you only 3 minutes to read.

It has been proved that, content marketing brings positive results that are three-time better than paid to rank. It sounds great isn’t it, It means there is no doubt about content marketing.`

So, who stopped you?

  1. Canva

When you are sharing your content with numerous types of media, you might want to blend it with some clear and high-quality images, If so, then why not you are using Canva. Canva is the single most top choice for nat types of imaginary content.

Now, let see the reasons behind of Canva’s such popularity:

  • Quality Pictures– No question, but this is true, Canva such a tool that never compromises with the quality.
  • Huge Templates– It comes with huge templates for you.
  • Editing– You will be able to make essential edit if you need it.
  • Easy To Use- It is as easy as anyone can make a nice picture by it.
  • Time-Saving– It will enable you with high-quality images within a couple of seconds.

  1. SEMRush

Are you looking for a tool that will save you by all the means, cost-free, time-saving, for instance? If so, then you are the right place. Yes, we are talking about SEMRush, the all-in-one marketing tool for you.

Now, see below what can you do with it:

  • Competitors Activity Monitoring– You can easily see what is doing your competitors for getting rank in the search engine.
  • Keywords Performance– What is/are the performing keywords, you can find it.
  • Organic Ranking keywords– The keyword that achieves a gradual position for your opponents, you can realize it.
  • Source of Keywords- It also a great source of valuable keywords that might not be revealed by your competitors
  • Time-Saving– It will save your time to do the job done.


  1. Hemingway app

Inconsistency of branding can kill the content it is as true as also, absence of estimated readability makes your creation out of use, instantly.  Hemingway apps work on this point and unquestionably in an excellent way.

Now, let see how can Hemingway app value you content marketing:

  • Improve Readability– It helps to improve the readability score.
  • Suggestion– Also, it will suggest to you how to provoke the readability of your content.
  • Understandability Classifying– You can classify content understandability.
  • Easy to use- It is a very easy and automated app, thus you need not do anything.
  • Polish– It just makes the final polish of your content.

5 free content marketing tools

  1. Quora

This is such a content marketing media that makes the largets buzz in the industry. Not a sinlge content marketer live without it, for a single day, surely. Quora is one of the best content marketing tools ever.

What make Quora clear distinguished from others:

  • Ask others– By asking, it possible to increase your visitor’s drive to your site.
  • Answering– Same as the above one, you will be able to answer and make links there for your site.
  • Direct linking– It is also possible, you just put the link and seeking the answer.
  • Niche oriented- Here, you can explore your niche-oriented many asking and also can get ideas to make good content.
  • Valuable- Quora is a site with high value, so this platform can help you greatly.

  1. BuzzSumo

This is such a tool that will enrich you with plenty of information, like; the content trends, competitors’ activity, how is others doing, and so on. Therefore, it is the exact friend for you to make a level-playing field.

But, how they make it:

  • Analysis– It helps to analyze content performance.
  • Monitor– Monitor what content gets a good response in social media.
  • Trends Observation– Recent content trends will appear to you by using it.
  • Get Influencer– It will help you to get influencers in the industry.
  • Alert– It will make you aware while your competitor posts new content.

Apart from these 5 free content marketing tools, there also have some paid tools with premium features that might appeal to you. Yet, with no-cost, theses are the best and fecund for you.

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