5 free keyword research tools for SEO

5 free keyword research tools for SEO
5 free keyword research tools for SEO

5 free keyword research tools for SEO. You may in a way of a developing SEO for your blog. Be that as it may, you need some keywords for better traffic to your site. Yet, at this moment you are not want to break the bank. Therefore, this free keyword research tools for SEO topics for you.

In the industry, there are tons of keywords research tools. However, all of them might not make sense for you, due to most of them are paid. It doesn’t mean to stop dreaming and do another job, instead find some tools that meet your demand with the free of cost.

Free keyword research tools for SEO


  1. Ubersuggest

This is the name that comes first while finding free keywords research tools for SEO. Unlike others, it will help you to find related keywords widely. Relatively, you can get a vast idea about the keyword you are looking for. So, it helps you decide either you will work with that or not.

  • Key Feature
  • Keywords Ideas- It’s a great feature of Ubersuggest, it helps you find plenty of keywords suggestion related to your one.
  • Long Tail Version- It works great to find long-tail keywords.
  • Related Keywords- Another top feature of Ubersuggest to find some related keywords.
  • Keywords Overview- It will show you an overview of the keyword you are searching for.
  • Question-Related Keywords- Apart from normal, also it shows question-related keywords.


2. Answer The Public

This is another one free keywords research tool that works in a little bit different way. But, whatever the working method is it also a very popular tool in the market.

  • Key Feature
  • Keywords Comparision- It’s a great feature of it to make a comparison between various keywords.
  • Alphabetical- It shows the Google autocomplete alphabetical keywords suggestion.
  • Associated Keywords- Another good feature of it to find some associated keywords.
  • Prepositions- It will show you keywords with/without prepositions at a glance.
  • Question-Related Keywords- Answer the public is the best to find question-related keywords.


5 free keyword research tools for SEO


3. Wordstreem Keyword Tool

Wordstreem such a free keywords research tool that never hart you by any chance. Instead, you will be bound to repeatedly use it due to its tremendous quality of service.

  • Key Feature
  • User-friendly- It is the most user-friendly keywords research tool.
  • Numerous Keywords- It shows a wide range of keywords suggestion.
  • Linked Keywords- Another good feature of it to find some linked keywords.
  • CPC- It will show you the suggested keyword’s approximate CPC.
  • Downloadable- It is fully downloadable.


4. Keyword In

If you are looking for such a keywords research tool that is both free and could be used for combined keywords purpose. Then, Keyword In is the best one for you.

  • Key Feature
  • Comprehensible- Keyword In is a very comprehensible keywords research tool.
  • Many Keywords Ideas- It shows a wide range of keywords ideas.
  • All Types- Start from short to long, all it covers at a time.
  • Time-saving- It makes the result within a second.
  • Double-checking Option- This option allows you to find exactly what are you looking for.

5 free keyword research tools for SEO


5. IMforSMB Bulk Keywords Generator

Unlike others, it is specially designed to generate bulk keywords. People may need to create bulk keywords at a time, specifically for the company with social service. IMforSMB Bulk Keywords Generator is the right answer for them.

  • Key Feature
  • Local Keywords- It is the best fit for local keywords generates.
  • Bulk Keywords At Once- It can generate huge keywords at once.
  • All Kinds- Start from small to extended, all it shields at a time.
  • Period-Redeemable- It makes huge results within a very short time.
  • Business Keywords Option- It is best to find business keywords.

So, above all are the free keyword research tools for SEO that we have listed herewith for you. Yet, there are also plenty of free tools for keywords research available in the industry, however, thses are the best among others.

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