7 most popular plugins for WordPress

7 most popular plugins for WordPress
7 most popular plugins for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the market. It has plenty of themes and plugins options that can easily use by the blogger as they needed. Today, we’ll discuss the 7 most popular plugins for WordPress.

As a blogger, you need a content management system (CMS), that will help you mostly by all the means in your blogging journey. CMS lessens your works load so that you can be more concentrate to your content writing. WordPress offers tons of plugins related to your content and it’s promotions.


Slider Revolution

This is a very useful plugin for WordPress users. It will help you to create a slide show, total media galleries, and the bulletin signup pages. It is a multi-purpose slider plugin, with it you can have control & monitor over the slides and its activity of your blog.


  1. Updraft Plus

It is a backup plugin that allows you to make the right and safe back up of your works. It enabled you to set up an automatic backup. So that you can store all of your essential files and data in remote and secured places.

Google Drive, Rackspace, Dropbox, are the most popular examples of this. Updraft plus also make easy to restore your website from a backup. And, it is free of cost.


7 most popular plugins for WordPress


  1. SEMRush

It called an all-rounder plugin for digital marketers who are using WordPress. It is such an effective marketing toolkit that helps to provoke SEO strategy. Moreover, SEMRush also very influential in content marketing plans, paid campaigns on social media, paid visitor technics, and so on.

SEMRush also has some positive activities on analytics. It can guide you to take necessary action depending on the competitor’s activity. You will be able to monitor competitor’s data. Besides this, find the right keywords, backlinks data, for instance, can be measured using this plugin.


  1. Pretty Links

Links are the main source of money-making for affiliate marketers. They depend on the links they have given on their page. People who click on the links and made the conversion, the affiliate marketers will “thanks” that ones. Thus, links make a great sense of affiliate marketing.

As the above statement, Pretty Links also is the predictive plugin for the affiliate marketers, especially those who are using WordPress. It will help you to manage your links rightly. You can make your links memorable and short for instant sharing. Regardless of the nature of using purpose, it will help to create an easy and short URL for you while working on WordPress.


  1. Yoast SEO

To be very honest, this is a must-have plugin for WordPress users. SEO is the topmost consideration for all types of bloggers. It is also most important to another user, business, entrepreneur, or some other purpose, for instance. SEO confirms that readers will find your content easily in the search engine.

Yoast SEO making this happens. It will show you step by step on how to gain more traffic by doing better search engine optimization. You need not be an expert on SEO like Yoast SEO has been taken this responsibility already in favor of you. It’s free to use.


  1. Wordfence Security

Security comes first, and for a website, it makes more serious senses. You shouldn’t let your website insecure, even for a while. Wordfence Security such a nice plugin that ensures robust security for your site. It will prevent your loving website from any sorts of hacking, malware, or other threats.

  1. Broken Link Checker

You are running a website with tons of traffic daily. Out of them, someone finds a page from your site that is broken. What will be the reaction of that guy’s? Have you ever thought about it? If not, don’t worry, there is a plugin that will fix it for you.


Broken link checker such a type of plugin that checks and instantly notifies you. Eventually, it will prevent the search engine to crawl the broken link unless you repair that. And, it is penniless to use for you.


It is very difficult to describe only 7 most popular plugins for WordPress, as there are countless important plugins in the WordPress era.

However, if you find something interesting share it with you all connections.



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