The Best Google Adsense Alternative

best google adsense alternative

According to most of the successful bloggers and ads publishers- Google Adsense is the best ads network around the web. Whenever someone talks regarding monetization their blog, at all times, the first thing that pops up into the mind is Google AdSense. But if you already rejected from the Google Adsense- then what would be the best Google Adsense alternative to you….? Think before you jump! However, we have so many alternatives at the moment. It would be:

• Media.net• Bitvertiser• Kontera
• Chitika• Revenue hits• Adversal
• Infolinks• Revcontent• PulsePoint
• VigLink• Adbuff• PropellerAds
• Adsterra• Adblade• AdCash {and so on}

media dot net

So if you are looking for the best Google Adsense alternative then you should consider Media.net ads network. This ads network is the top technology company whose main purpose is to develop creative and advanced digital advertising products that surpass the expectations of both advertisers and publishers.

An Overview of Media.net

Media.net operates the second largest ads programs worldwide. The company generates high levels of revenues through the management of advanced technology and ensuring harmonious relationships with publishers globally.

Currently, Google Adsense stands out as the best international advertising company. Media.net prides itself in the provision of a varied range of contextual advertising solutions to an extensive number of clients. They have more than 500 staff across Los Angeles, Mumbai, Dubai and New York. This large team of employees ensures the smooth running of operations; this explains why the average account approval time frame is two days which is considerable enough.

Media.net ads network is request based and is considered the best alternative to AdSense.The following are some of the features of Media.net Ads network that has made it get great reviews globally.

media.net screenshot

Contextual Ads

One of the main reasons why Media.net works best for us is the fact that it is a contextual ad network.This simply means, it only displays advertisements on the basis of the major context of the blog. For instance, if you are displaying Media.net advertisements about men’s fashion, readers who visit your page or blog will only see ads related to men’s fashion.

Advanced Advertising Solutions

Media.net is the best alternative to AdSense due to its advanced advertising solutions. These solutions include sponsored search engines, for instance, See Also, Click here to see and Click on the link below. These search results work best for us as it gives us the best chance to monetize the already existing traffic and to re-utilize visitors.

Quality Content

Media.net is the best Adsense alternative since it only displays high-quality and well-paying ads on the blog or page. We like Media.net as it gives us the surety of approval due to the high-quality content on our page. The quality of ads and the varied optimization techniques from media.net have also helped us attain high revenue levels from our hosted ads.

Total Control Over Ads

With Media.net, you are able to control ads that will be displayed on your webpage or blog. You are also able to sieve the undesirable ads on your blogs as some ads might not be favorable for your visitors.

Mobile Ads

We have been able to earn an extra income through media.net as this best AdSense alternative also hosts mobile ads. Media.net automatically senses smartphone and mobile browsers and assists mobile adds. With the increase in the number of smartphone users, one can easily earn an extra income through media.net. This is possible since Media.net allows you to effortlessly set up a mobile user ad.

You can easily start using Media.net mobile phone ads by activating the beta feature. Activating this feature will automatically allow your audience to see all the ads while browsing through their tablets or smartphones.

Simple Customization of Ads

Media.net is simply the best alternative to AdSense since it enables you to show ads only on specific and desired pages. You can customize your ads whichever way you want using Media.net ads. Ads customization is one of the greatest features of Media.net and is very favorable for publishers. Media.net ads network has made customization easy even for newbies who have no technical and coding knowledge as they can customize their ads units with ease.

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Unwavering Support

Media.net offers devoted customer support. This ad network is developed by Yahoo and Bing which is the second largest search engine globally; this guarantees you unwavering support as an existing or a new publisher on Media.net.

Performance Tracking System

Media.net has a well organized and easy to use control panel that makes it easy for you to check your performance at any given time. You can view your ads effortless and monitor your earnings promptly from the dashboard without any hassle.

Helpful Account Manager

Most ad networks do not have a dedicated workforce. Media.net is one of the best ad networks due to its helpful and responsive account managers. We were assigned an account manager as soon as we got our Media.net account. He was very helpful with the setup and we were able to get started without hustle.

Reporting Dashboard

Media.net ads network has an appealing reporting dashboard that has made us easy to use. The dashboard is well ordered and easy to familiarize with.

A single Account for Infinite websites

With Media.net, one can use a single account to run ads on a varied number of websites. With the help of the account manager, you can easily get the approval of your websites and get started.

Our Media.net Review

Media.net has been receiving excellent reviews worldwide making it the best alternative to Adsense. We categorized our reviews based on its features and ease of use as follows:

Technology Implementation

In terms of technology implementation, Media.net still stands at a review of 5 out of 5. This rating is based on the fact the process of creating an ad unit and an account is simple; the implementation of the ad unit on the site is very easy as it only requires JavaScript and HTML. Media.net also has Mobile Ads and WordPress plugins making it the best alternative to AdSense.

Control Panel

The control panel on Media.net is very easy to navigate, it has a varied range of pages for ad units, reports and site management. We would gladly give Media.net a rating of 5 out of 5 for its impressive control panel.

Payment method

Media.net ads network accept the below payment gateways:

  • Payoneer (Signup Payoneer and get a free master card with $25 bonus)
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer

media.net payment method

One can withdraw his or her money once they hit the $100 minimum thresh hold in their Media.net account.

Overall Rating

As the best Google Adsense alternative, we would give Media.net an overall rating of 5 out of 5 this is due to its ease of use, appealing and neat dashboard, helpful and dedicated team and high payout rates. We have achieved great results with Media.net and earned increased revenues.

So if you are looking for the best AdSense Alternative that will help you way maximize your profits from your web page with less effort, then you need to consider Media.net ads network as soon as possible.


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