Best social sharing plugin for WordPress

best social sharing plugin for WordPress
best social sharing plugin for WordPress

Plugins make our job easy to do with sustainable results. Luckily, WordPress user has the chance to enjoy tons of plugins with different functions. Email marketing, social sharing, SEO, for instance, there are many functional plugins. Let’s see the best social sharing plugin for WordPress.

From the last decade, social impact is increasing day by day. And now in 2020, it’s almost at the pick level. Therefore, to grow up by all means.  This is the perfect time to prepare to get the best output from social impact.


WordPress users always being one step ahead fro others. Using social sharing plugins also not out of that. Instead, it offers many useful social sharing plugins that make writers’ jobs done well.


Best social sharing plugin for WordPress


  1. Easy Social Share Plugin

This is such a tool that will blend you with a different taste while sharing your content on social media. Recently they have their most modern version with some amendments.

Over 300,000 users worldwide and one of the highest-rated social sharing plugin ever.


  • Main features
  • Simple- This is very simple as well as fresh and attractive.
  • Easy dashboard setting- It is very easy to set on your dashboard.
  • Responsive- This is a very important feature of easy social share plugin. You can use it with whatever the device is.
  • Multiple Social networking button- It allows you to use 18 social networking buttons.
  • Counting– It also enabled you to count the social share.

  1. Shared Counts

As its name, Shared Counts aims to count all the social share from different networks. Therefore, you will be able to select the numbers of social sharings for your networks.


  • Main features
  • Superfast- This is very fast as well as easy to use.
  • Many button style- It contains many button style, thus you can select where to show the button.
  • Developer-friendly- This plugin initially aims to the developers.
  • Most popular social networking- It allows you to use the most popular social networks, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, for instance.
  • Share counts– It is allowed you to count the total social share.


  1. Social warfare

Another very popular and fecund social sharing plugin social warfare available in the market both free and paid version. Free version for the initial user, yet it can be used by the experts also as it offers numerous features. And, the premium is for first-class users with many tremendous facilities.


  • Main features
  • User-friendly- This is very easy to use, yet works with “out of the box thinking.
  • Fast loading- It is considerably fast with the loading time.
  • Quick to respond- This is a plugin with a very quick response regardless of the device size.
  • Share recovery- It allows you to recover your previous share while change SSL or domain name.
  • Monitor– It also empowered you to monitor the sharings.


Best social sharing plugin for WordPress


  1. MashShare

Mashshare will let your social sharing in a funny way. It will help you to make a specific style of social shareing button in your WordPress blog.


  • Main features
  • Extraordinary performance- This is an extraordinary performing social sharing plugin.
  • Easy to use- It is very easy to use.
  • Share counts- It will enable you to total share counts.
  • Several Social interacting- It allows you to use several social networking.
  • Filters– It is also developer-friendly with many filtering options.


Best social sharing plugin for WordPress


  1. Social Pug

Another social sharing plugin with a free and paid version. It has plenty of nice features that might make your blogging meaningful.


  • Main features
  • Simple- This is very simple as well as fresh and attractive.
  • Easy installation- It is very easy to install.
  • Clear display- It has a clear display called “retina ready” display.
  • Customizable Button- It allows you to customize your sharing buttons as needed.
  • Calculating– It also supported you to calculate the social share.


 Discussing the best social sharing plugin for WordPress, we listed herewith just 5 out of many, for you. But, whatever we’ve brought to you is the most popular and useful for your blogging.

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