How To Correct The Sentence With Answers [Beginners Guide]


The secret behind a successful blog is high-quality content. A grammatically correct content is the most essential factors for a blog. It plays a vital role in placing a website or a blog to the top ranking on Google. Writing an error-free sentence in terms of grammar, punctuation, and readability are the key points of generating a quality article. If you here to discover how to correct the sentence with answers, you are on the right destination. Please stay with us through the end…

So, How to correct the Sentence with answers?

To write some correct sentences for your blog, you don’t need to be an expert in grammar. Or you don’t need a proofreader to find the error in the sentence and for correction. So, what is the most effective way to correct the sentence with answers?

In this digital age, lots of spell checkers, grammar, and punctuation checkers are available on the internet. Many of those only do the spell checking. But very few of those effectively find out all the mistakes from a sentence and make a suggestion for correction. Grammarly, Ginger, Hemingway, ProWritingAid, and LanguageTool are the perfect examples of those online tools.

You can use those tools from their official website. Just copy your writing and past them into the text section of their web page. Then, they will scan your writing to find out the errors and provide you the suggestion. Finally, you need to correct the sentence with answers.

Even you can check while you are writing online, like WordPress editor, email or blog commenting. To enable this option an addon or extension needs to install into your browser. If a complete sentence checker provides a desktop tool, you can do the same thing on your PC while you working offline.

Let’s dig out the most efficient Grammar and Punctuation checker to find the error in the sentence online.

1. Grammarly:

This is the most popular and number one choice of expert proofreaders, bloggers, and writers. Even if you are a beginner still, it is the most efficient grammar tools to help your writing. Grammarly checks grammar-error, spelling-mistake, word-choice, style-mistakes, and punctuation from an article. It almost does everything you demand from a proofreader.

Grammarly offers both free and paid subscription. The free version doesn’t have all the above options. But as a beginner, you might find almost everything you need. If you are an intermediate or advanced level writer you must need a paid version of these tools.

Grammarly Pros and Cons



Official Website

  • Have both free and paid version to choose
  • Available payment method is the only credit card.

  • Supports most of the browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
  • You need to be online to use the service.
  • Android apps available
  • Mobile version cost little extra
  • Supports over 50 languages.
  • Doesn’t work with Google Drive


2. Ginger Software – to correct the Sentence with answers:

A large number of bloggers and writers use the Ginger tools to proofread their articles. It is a powerful software to check punctuations and grammatical mistakes. This contextual software is absolutely free. It has a chrome extension. So, correct the sentences exercises with answers you need to install the extension. Ginger has different apps for android and ios and it is also free.

Ginger Pros and Cons



Official Website

  • It is totally free
  • Doesn’t support all browsers

  • The mobile application is available.
  • Doesn’t have any supportive tutorial
  • Don’t need any subscription

  • Pre-built dictionary available

  • Easy download and installation, also easy to use.


3. Hemingway app:

This one used to be an online proofreader tool. Recently they released the desktop application. The desktop app is also very easy to install and friendly to use. This tool finds out the sentences that hard to read, difficult words, phrases, and grammatical error. The specialty of this app is to highlight the errors and problems with a different color. The latest version of this application accessorized with text editing option.

So, besides correct the sentence with answers you can play with text font, width, size, color, etc. The latest version also works with WordPress and Medium. The mobile-based application is not still available. It is available on a free online version and paid desktop version.

Hemingway app Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Official Website
  • Have both free and paid desktop version.
  • The free version works online only



  • Desktop version costs only $19.99 for a lifetime.
  • Does not have any mobile-based app.
  • Desktop version work with WordPress or any other online editor.
  • Doesn’t have a browser extension or addon.


4. ProWritingAid:

If you are an advanced level blogger and content writer, then the ProWritingAid is really for you. It has all the options that an expert proofreader needs to correct the sentences exercises with answers. The best part of this application is it works with all the available online platform.

You can easily integrate with WordPress editor, Sky Drive, Google drive and with all other CMS editors. It also has a Chrome browser extension and desktop application. The desktop application also works with both Windows and Mac. They haven’t released any mobile-based version yet. It is a freemium tool. The free version doesn’t have all the options and has a time limitation.

ProWritingAid Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Official Website
  • Have both a free and paid version.
  • The free version is only for 14 days.


  • Work with all the online platforms.
  • Doesn’t have a mobile application.
  • Have a desktop application for Windows and Mac.
  • Does not have any word limit.


5. Correct the Sentence with answers using LanguageTool

LanguageTool offers a free version and a paid version. The paid version starts from $4.92/mon for a year. It has the necessary add-on and extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Libre office. It also provides a desktop version to finding errors in sentences exercises with answers offline.

Language Tool supports more than 20 languages and also offers translation between languages. This tool mainly works to check spelling, Grammar, and style. Unfortunate it doesn’t check Plagiarism and readability. So, you will be only able to correct the sentence with answers.

LanguageTool Pros and Cons

Pros Cons Official Website
  • Have both paid and free version.
  • Free version limited with 20,000 characters per check.

  • Have add-ons for browsers
  • Doesn’t have a mobile version application
  • Have add-ons for offline text editors
  • Doesn’t check plagiarism


Our Recommendation for- How to correct the sentence with answers?

If we ask you to choose the best one among the five proofreader tools that we described above, which one will you pick? Most of you guys will pick Grammarly, right? Choosing the right one is not just about the options they have. Reliability is also a matter of consideration. So, we also recommend using Grammarly.


I for myself using Grammarly for a couple of years. As I am not a native writer and English is not my primary language; that’s why Grammarly is one of my must-have blogging tools for me. To be honest, it helps me to write my blog post error-free.

As an online correct the sentence with answers tool, Grammarly has all the available options that a proofreader need, and it works with almost every platform. It is also very reliable and trustworthy. Let’s discuss some fascinating features of this online tool.

Spell Checker option:

This option comes with the free version. Like other word processors, it provides spell checking for your writings. If you made an unconscious spelling error, this option of the tool advice for the correction.

Grammar Checker:

If your content or your blog post has any grammatical mistake, this tool will advise you to correct the sentence with answers. This option limitedly comes with the free version. But in the paid version it does a very efficient job and cleans up all the error from your writing.

Word-choice and Vocabulary Enhancement:

This feature comes only with the paid version. This option will scan the repeated word from the sentences. To grow the quality of your article, it will advise the different word with the same meaning.

Punctuation and Style corrector:

This features widely available in premium version but limitedly in the free version. It will automatically find punctuation and style mistakes in your writing. And advice you the correction with explanation, so that you understand the fact before correct the sentence with answers.

Plagiarism Checker:

It is one of the best features in Grammarly. Usually, other grammar checker tools don’t offer this service. This option available both in the free and paid version. This tool will help you to find the uniqueness of an article. So, your article will not match with any other articles that already published on the internet.

Readability checker:

It will find out how hard your sentences to understand. It uses the technology called Flesch-reading. It defines the readability score calculating the average length of sentences and total words in the content. This option will advise you to increase the score.

Browser Add-ons:

Grammarly can be used on a wide range of platforms. This online based powerful tool has an available add-on for the browsers. You can install the add-on or extension to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. It will provide you the flexibility to correct while writing online text editor like WordPress, email, blog commenting, etc.

Grammarly web version:

You can even use their service from the official website. Just login to your account, upload your doc’s copy-pest the text and then start checking. Even you can create a text file there too.

Grammarly windows App:

To correct the sentence with answers they provide a cool desktop application. It comes with the free version too. Just download the application and install in your computer, you are done. You will get all the features you need.

Final words:

Grammarly, as a sentence quality checker tool, is really awesome. It will help you to boost your writing up to the next level. You can also learn techniques while you use this tool in practice. But, can you really replace the human proofreader with this? Our answer is no. This application will advise correcting the sentence with answers. But still, you need to be careful about the meaning of the sentence. However, Grammarly is our favorite grammar checker tool. So, what about you? Please write to us your idea in the comment section.

I tried to cover this beginner’s guide on- How to correct the sentence with answers. If you like this, please share this article to your best social media platform.

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