crocmint review

Crocmint Review: is it a profitable affiliate network for health blogger?

crocmint review

Crocmint is a genuine herbal affiliate program that offers high commission payouts as you climb up the affiliate ladder. Once you join the program, you can make money in the comfort of your home. The natural products featured include; anti-smoking supplements, natural health supplement, weight loss products, erectile dysfunction treatment, skin care products among others. They are carefully selected and contain quality ingredients. In fact, all products are prepared in a state of the art facility and are highly effective. On the other hand; unlike other conventional medicines, they have no side effects. Since they are globally known, you don’t have to make so much effort to close a sale. So is Crocmint the best affiliate network for health blogger? However, there are a couple of similar networks in the industry such as Market Health, SellHealth, HealthTrader etc. Let us walk you through Crocmint Review in details;

Crocmint Review

How to get started

First, sign up on the official website of Crocmint. Your account is then validated by the administrator. Once it’s approved, a password is sent to your email account. You are then confirmed as a full member. The moment you sign up, you get $50 as a one-time signup bonus. When you log in your account, you can start promoting the products. Online materials are available to affiliates for free explaining about each product and how you can make money after selling them. Similarly, you will have access to ready-made templates from the staff depending on the products you choose to sell. Each template is unique. All new affiliates are taken through a comprehensive training program to learn about effective marketing strategies for closing sales. Ensure you have a good computer connected to a network. So far, this is the fastest growing program in the niche.


The program is open to people around the world. No strict requirements are required. However, you must be 18 years and above. The cash program is free. It’s an opportunity to make a lot of money without paying for anything.

Real-time sales tracking system

At Crocmint, you will track all your sales without any delay. It’s possible to track the status of orders. This makes it easy for affiliates to know the number of pending orders and the commission from all the reorders. If you have closed any sales, you can be able to track through the system. For any sale from your link, commission is credited to your account.

Payment methods

Payments are made on weekly basis. All affiliates enjoy 40% commission on any sale closed. However, if you make sales worth more than $10,000, you will get a higher commission. Commission also varies with the tier. The current threshold stands at $ 100. There are different payment methods. For instance, you can use bank wire where funds are sent or received electronically. This payment method is convenient for sending or receiving payments above $ 1000. Alternatively, one can use PayPal which is one of the most secured online payment methods. Any amount below $100 is allowed using this method. Other electronic payment methods include paxum and web-money.

Customer support team

Crocmint has a dedicated support team ready to assist you during the process. They discharge their duties professionally. Further, they guarantee the world-class experience. You can create your own online store and you will be assisted to drive traffic to it. It doesn’t matter if you have any online experience, you can be assured of 24/7 sales support. If you have any questions, the customer support team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Rewards and promotions

The program is output and performance oriented. Crocmint Company has come up with different prizes for the affiliates who are doing well. They include; 50-inch Samsung plasma TV, Sony HD camera, Dell laptop, iPhone, universal remote, watches among others. This helps to motivate them.


  • Affiliates are able to enjoy real-time statistic report for all sales made
  • High conversion rate of 1:35 for products
  • Access to 50% bonus after signing up
  • Affiliates can choose the different payment methods
  • All new affiliates enjoy free training and access to marketing materials
  • Payments are made on weekly basis i.e. every Wednesday
  • Availability of a dedicated customer service team
  • Bulk sales and drop shipping options are now available


  • Some products are highly priced

P.S: Alternative of Crocmint:

There is another great affiliate network for health blogger named HealthTrader.Com

From the above Crocmint review, it’s clear that the company offers a unique experience in affiliate marketing. Affiliates are given an opportunity to build their own referral tree by promoting different product brands. All products are made from natural ingredients and don’t have any side effects. On the other hand, commissions are paid on time. If you are looking for a great way of earning good money online, you should consider promoting Crocmint products.

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