How to choose a domain name for your blog

Finally, you are going to start blogging, right? We know, this a great decision for you and you have to spend a lot of time preparing yourself for it. Now, let’s have a good name for your blog. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to choose a domain name for your blog.

A domain name is a title by which in the web world people will find you. This is your unique identity on the internet. Find a good domain name is the single most important thing for the blog. It demands lots of attention and investigation as well. The domain name should also represent your niche you are going to blog on. Thus, choose a good domain name is a little bit time-consuming.

How to choose a domain name for your blog
Choosing a domain name for a personal website

How to choose a domain name for your blog


This is, yet, a job that required clear concentration. However, if you take care of a few things while choosing it, then it becomes easy for you.

  1. Find a dictionary word

It is good to select a dictionary word that is also meaningful for your domain name. This ensures your domain name is shortly memorable for the readers.

 2.  Make it short & sweet

It has been proven that long domain name is more immemorable that shorter one. Therefore, try to make your domain name as short as you can. You should stand on a maximum of 8 words long.

Subsequently, also you should find a name that sounds great & unforgettable. Avoid any complex name that does not make sense.

3.   .Com is the best

Indeed, if you find any name that is ended up with .com, without any hesitation take that. Yet, there are also .net, .org, .online makes different sense and they are also with numerous popular websites, but, .com is superlative.

However, as there is hard competition, .com with a short spelling is very difficult to find. It doesn’t mean that .com is disappeared, a little bit rare with short characters.

4.   Try to mention your keyword in your domain name

For example, you are about to start a blog with the travel niche. Then, try to find any domain name that is with “travel”- travelinner, travelog, for instance, as travel is your keyword. It will allow people to make a clear imagination about your blog’s subject.

how to choose a domain name for your blog

5.  Don’t use any special character

The special character could make your domain name complex, and it does not sound good of a domain name with any special character. Besides this, try to avoid hyphens also.


6. The name should be your niche related

Don’t forget your niche while choosing a domain name. It should go with your blogging niche.

7. Name the value

This is the most important part of selecting a right and profitable domain name, yet most of the beginners overlook it. Think, what you search on the web, any name, or, a benefit? Of course Benefits, that value you.

When a searcher thinks, is it valuable for me? If he confirms by the name that might benefit him, he- no sooner starts reading. For example,,, here in both name clear the benefits

or value that the readers will get while reading. So it will be more appealing.


8. Avoid any abstract name

For example, you are about to work with a broad niche. So that you named your domain that has meaning, however, it is unfamiliar to most of the people. Try not to do this mistake, it may cost you in the future.

Being stuck to find a perfect name for your blog, right? No problem, many tools will do the job in favor of you.


  • Lean Domain Search- It will search a brandable and available domain name for you with matching your given keyword.
  • Wordoid- It will come up to you with many ideas containing your keyword.
  • DomainHole- It will enable you to find a new, or, expired domain name that matches your keyword or niche.

In conclusion on how to choose a domain name for your blog, whatever we’ve listed above is not limited to. However, very important to find the right domain name for you, thus, usable also.

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