how to use Facebook efficiently

How To Use Facebook Efficiently (7 tips for beginners)

how to use facebook as a beginners

Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the web world. There are so many social platforms in 2019. But Facebook is a special one. Because of all kind of people from different countries, from different religion and from the different professionals using Facebook as their 1st and most time consuming social media. According to Hootsuite, 68% of Americans using Facebook. So this is a burning question to the beginners that- How to use Facebook efficiently.

For teenagers, Facebook is the most interesting social media, as there are tons of features and funs added by Zuckerberg team. Almost half of the teens of Americans using Facebook. So, this could be a dangerous sign if we don’t properly use this media. In this article, I am going to show you- how to use your Facebook account efficiently which can add value to your career.

How to use Facebook Efficiently

7. Introduce with your real name

Using a real name is professional for all. So we should use our real name on Facebook. Don’t use dream girl, rock boy or any kind of fake name.

6. Upload a professional cover photo and profile picture

There are plenty of Facebook accounts using cats or dogs as the profile picture. But this is not a professional activity. So we should use our real photo on Facebook.

4. Unfollow the Disturbing friends

Many of our virtual friends we don’t know in real life. And also, a lot of status, images, and links appear in our newsfeed which is not relevant to our life or career. That’s why we should unfollow some of our friends who regularly share irrelevant content.

3. Leave or Unfollow the Disturbing Facebook pages and groups

This is the same case as our disturbing friends do. So don’t like the adult content, pages, groups or anything which might destroy your career gradually.

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2. Engage with the related professionals

Engagement with the related professional would be very helpful to your career. You can get the ideas, tips, and tricks from the professionals you are following.

1. See first to the related professionals

This is a great feature of Facebook. See first to the most beloved professionals actively related to your industry. So that you will get the updates first when your influencers post a new status.

Now, tell me- have you missed any number your above reading? Yes…., you’ve missed the #5…!

how to use Facebook efficiently

5. Share your knowledge and experiences with your friends

Self-branding is a crucial part of professional life. So, don’t ignore to sharing your learning and passions to your friends and family on Facebook.

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