iwriter vs hirewriters

Iwriter vs Hirewriter – Which one is better?

iwriter vs hirewriters

Iwriter vs Hirewriter (Review)

So are you thinking about blog writing? Want to make money through your writing skills? Or looking for best article writing websites for your business? Let’s start the journey! Today I am going to discuss with you two popular article writing services websites. These are Iwriter and Hirewriters. Both platforms for freelance writing. Both sites are very helpful to those who looking to get writing jobs done for their own websites, and writers who are seeking a place to use their skills to earn money.

Writing jobs on Iwriter and Hirewriters include services for article writing, re-writing articles, ghostwriting, ebooks, copywriting, and product description or review writing. Both are broad services where a client can find any kind of writer at any level, and to sign up as a writer there are no specific requirements other than having perfect English.

There is a great alternative solution for article writing without iWriter and Hireweiters! And it is Fiverr, a great freelance marketplace having a lot of qualified article writers.

So when it comes to the question of Iwriter vs Hirewriter, which one is more lucrative and efficient? There are pros and cons to both websites, both for clients and writers, and this review will provide a comprehensive guide to help you decide which one is the best.

Iwriter vs Hirewriter

Freelance writers seeking work can use Iwriter or Hirewriter as fast and easy ways to earn some extra money. However, there are big differences between these websites in terms of what writers can gain from signing up to them. When posing the Iwriter vs Hirewriter debate, it is important for writers to consider how much they can earn, what kind of writing topics are available, how efficient writing for the clients will be, as well as how the writer ranking system works.

The amount of money you are able to earn on both Iwriter and Hirewriter depends on factors such as your overall rating, length of the article and how many articles you are able to write within the time you have.

There are 4 levels of experience on this website, you will start off with no ratings and have a basic rating. Then you have the option to progress to premium, elite, and elite plus ratings if clients are satisfied with your writing and you submit work on time. There is a similar system in operation on Hirewriter, where you start as a beginner, then move onto being the next levels which are general, skilled and expert. The amount you are able to earn on each site is dependent on these ratings which can change in relation to how well you write, whether clients are satisfied with your work or reject it, and whether you submit work on time or not.

Hirewriter makes it simpler to advance your rating quickly, as there are always many listings for jobs for beginners – allowing you to get started faster. Iwriter is a bit more tricky, as perhaps the clients demand a higher quality of work, therefore there are often few articles available to basic writers, meaning you have to keep a keen eye on listings to find articles that are available to you.


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Iwriter articles start at $1.25 per article. Hirewriter articles start at around the same price, and you would be expecting to write 150-300 words for an article that pays this much. One advanced to elite or elite plus level on Iwriter it is possible to earn over $100 for an article over 2000 words. These kinds of payments are rarely available on Hirewriters, and between $20-$30 is usually the highest range for expert-level writing. Iwriter also offers clients the chance to tip writers, meaning there is the chance you can earn a little extra for your work if you’ve done a great job.

When it comes to money and the Iwriter vs Hirewriter question, Iwriter is the better option if you’re looking for bigger payouts once you’ve reached a high skill level, but Hirewriter is easier for beginners to get started earning money fast, and there is a wider range of projects available for you to choose from. Additionally, articles on Hirewriter are rarely targeted towards higher skill levels, meaning as a writer you have access to writing projects of all lengths and sizes.


If you’re asking yourself the question Iwriter vs Hirewriter as a client, then there are many aspects of both websites you should take into consideration. As a client on both websites, you are able to choose the skill range of writers allowed to submit an article for consideration. Iwriter makes it more difficult for writers to advance their level, meaning you can be more certain that the writer has more experience – although this doesn’t necessarily mean their writing will be of better quality.

On Hirewriter, you are required to have a 4.6 rating for 12 articles to reach the next level, in comparison to Iwriter which requires 30 articles at a 4-star rating. So, as you can see it is easier for writers to climb the ladder on Hirewriter than it is on Iwriter.


The other difference is how much you are expected to pay writers as a client. On Hirewriters, the threshold for this is very low, and clients often request 1000+ word articles for less than $5 at an expert level. Iwriters’ article pricing for elite-level writers is $18.50 for 1000 words, and for the next level up – elite plus – clients are expected to pay over $50. So if you’re looking for higher quality work and want to pay your writers fairly, Iwriter is the best option for you.

However, if you want to work fast and aren’t willing to pay appropriately but can forgo quality a little bit, then Hirewriter is the better option as you can pay less and reach a wider pool of writers.

Both websites allow you to filter out writer levels and provide special instructions to ensure that the content you receive is exactly what you’re looking for. On both sites, you have the option to reject articles or ask for the writer to revise certain aspects of them. Iwriter vs Hirewriter in terms of quality is pretty even ground.

Both websites give you the freedom to pick and choose the articles and writers that you like, however in saying this the general outlook is positive from both websites. As those who sign up are people who want to use their writing to gain experience and make money, it is more likely than not that they are willing to spend the time to produce quality work.

A great point about Iwriter is that clients can easily add their favorite writers to a “favorites list”, meaning you can tip writers and submit projects to them directly, without having to wait for and surf through numerous submissions on the same topic.

Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate benefits is another question to consider when asking the Iwriter vs Hirewriter question. Hirewriters has a great affiliates program, where you earn $5 for each client you refer that makes a deposit, as well as 50 percent of the future net profits generated by the client. Iwriter offers a similar affiliate program, where you can earn 50% commissions for each referral that users iWriter to order content. Hirewriters offer is slightly better, in that you receive $5 initially and then the commission on top of that.


When asking yourself, as a writer or a client, the question Iwriter vs Hirewriter it is important to consider that each site, although similar, has its pros and cons. Hirewriters is the best option for those seeking to start working in this type of role, as there is a bigger likelihood of finding jobs at a beginner level than on Hirewriter. Both sites allow clients to find quality writers for a cheap price and provide the option to target their jobs towards particular skill levels.

As a serious writer, it is easier to find writing jobs that are worth your time on Iwriter, as the pay range is much wider. Both websites are simple for both clients and writers to use, and provide a trustworthy platform from which to develop writing skills or find quality content quickly.

So, I am going to ending the article. Let me know by commenting below- what do you thinking about iWriter vs hirewriters?

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