Royalty-Free Stock Images Without Watermark

Looking for Royalty-Free Stock Images Without Watermark? [30+ websites list]

Royalty-Free Stock Images Without Watermark
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Do you operate any blog? Are you looking for royalty free stock images without watermark? If both the answer to these questions are “Yes”, then you are in the right place. Just read continue…

Image is one of the most essential elements of a blog post. If you are a blogger; you must know the importance of visual content.

So, we need eye-catching images for our blogs to attract our blog readers.

But how do we collect royalty free images? From Google…? Many bloggers use images from Google. I also used huge images from Google. But have a look at the below image:

copy right image
image from Google

While I search on Google image option by writing “stock photo”, the above image is one of the result showing on Google and indicate that “images may be subject to copyright”. It means, perhaps I don’t have the rights to use this image without any permission from the image owner. So, using Google images are not recommended for anyone.


Why should you use royalty-free stock images without watermark?

As you already know, in general, Google’s images are copyrighted, so we don’t have any rights to use those images. So we should use related images to our blog which are royalty free and we need not taking any prior permission from the image owners. That’s the reason why we use royalty free stock images without any watermark.


So, how to collect royalty-free stock images without watermark?

There is a piece of good news for the beginners. In this post, I’ll provide you a full and authentic royalty-free stock images websites list. You can choose and download unlimited royalty free stock images without watermark.

If you don’t yet start your blog, here is a guide for you on how to start a blog? And also I listed some important blogging tools for my beloved blog readers like you.

So, here’s the list of royalty-free stock images websites:

Royalty Free Stock Images Sites list

30+ Sites to Download Royalty Free Images

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2. 17.
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4. 19.
5. 20.
6. 21.
7. 22.
8. 23.
9. 24.
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15. 30.


Other Free Stock Photo Sites


• FreePixels • Photocollections
• Free Photos Bank • 1 Million Free Pictures
• MMT Stock • FreeMediaGoo
• LibreShot • Wikimedia Commons
• Good Free Photos • ImageFree
• Photogen • Flickr Creative Commons

The above sites offer royalty-free stock images. I hope, from now you can find your desired stock free images without any difficulties. All the images hosted above sites are watermark free. So, you don’t need to edit or modify the images. However, if you need to edit any changes you can do that without any prior permission.

But could you tell me- how do you edit the images for your blog? I for myself use GetsTencil and Canva. Both the tools are really very effective. Have a look at the comparison between Canva vs GetsTencil.

If you find any other effective royalty-free stock images website, just comment below. I will add your suggested name to my list.

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