social sharing plugins for WordPress

7 eye catching social sharing plugins for WordPress

social sharing plugins for WordPress

Social media has revolutionized the way people share information online. If you want to encourage people to visit your social network and share your content, you must use functional social share plugins. However, choosing a plugin that matches your requirements can be difficult. In this article, we have summarized for you an all-inclusive guide to help you narrow your search. Let me walk you through the 7 best social sharing plugins for WordPress in details;


7 eye-catching social sharing plugins for WordPress


This is one of the most popular social share plugins. To get started, you must first register with AddThis service. It features a touch-friendly functionality and allows you to specify the screen resolution you want. The plugin offers 10 social sharing positions where five of them are free and the other five are subject to upgrade. Once you install the plugin, you must activate your account.

Price: Free

Simple share buttons Adder

It’s a straight forward easy to use a plugin that automatically allows the user to insert social media sharing buttons below or above the content. Once you choose your location, you are ready to go. You can modify the alignment and styling of buttons. The plugin is packed with its own widget.

Price: Free



It’s one of the most versatile social sharing solutions available from Elegant Themes. It allows you to customize the look you want. Further, you can control the icon orientation, color, shape, and size to match your site layout. In addition, you can monitor your social shares thanks to the impressive looking interface. Monarch allows you to display the social media sharing buttons in a pop-up above the content. Similarly, you can use the fly-in box at the bottom of the page.

Price: $89

Sumo Share

It’s a free WordPress plugin designed to help you grow traffic. The easy to use interface supports services like Twitter, Facebook, Whats-app, and LinkedIn. It comes with different filtering options where you can choose the pages you want the share buttons to be added. If you want more options on top of the basic features, you can customize the plugin.

Price: Free

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Social warfare

This is an all-in one plugin. It’s one of the eye-catching social buttons online. The plugin allows one to share buttons below or above the posts. The powerful features will give an impressive boost in your social shares. There are more than 75 color and style combinations for you to choose from.

Price: Free

WP Social sharing

It’s a free plugin that comes with a variety of customization options. It allows you to share buttons on the main social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Likewise, you can add share buttons using shortcode. The user can also adjust the settings to automatically display the share buttons.

Price: Free

Easy share buttons

It supports several social media networks. The plugin features several customization options and comes with more than 40 built-in templates. You can display the buttons at the top or bottom of your posts or via pop-up.
In summary, we can’t ignore the fact that people have shifted their Internet browsing habits away from desktops.

Price: $19


The above social sharing plugins for WordPress are built to enhance the mobile user’s experience. I’d encourage you to test them out to see which one matches your needs. If you like this post, don’t forget to share this with your best social media.

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