Where should I host my website [Think before you leap]

You might be wondering about your website hosting. As one of the vital parts of the blogging journey, it is the sole technical part. Thus, often we had to answer where should I host my website. Yet, we love to do that.

You have two options in front of you-

  • Smooth operation for your website.
  • Or, plenty of annoyances.

You might be a little bit confused to take the right decision. That is the reason behind we describe herewith some way to get the right Webhosting for your website.


Where should I host my website


  1. Shared Webhosting

In this case, from one Webhosting server, it manages and gives the service for many websites, like you. Similar to multiple tasks from one place. It is very popular and beginners-friendly due to cost-effectiveness. Yet, it has also some cons relatively with numerous pros.

Several webmasters use it, thus there is a chance to affected by the other websites’ data. However, if you are working on basic data, with a good design and not seeking the extraordinary performance, then it could be the right choice for you.

At the time of choosing shared hosting, keep in mind the below things:

  • The total numbers of websites from one server– if it is below 150, great, go for it. Eventually, for over 1000, just ignore it.
  • Robust differentiation of the account is available– it is the security factor of your website. Make sure that malware from other sites can not is affected to your ones.


2. Dedicated Webhosting

It is a little bit costly, yet unlike others, it is safe. You will be able to use the total space of a server, no other website can take a pie of that server which you are paying to. It is also very useful when your site getting a lot of visitors regularly.

  • Thus, due to data overload, dedicated servers can save your site from the crack.

Besides this, it is also be noted that the hosting provider company only connects your site to the internet with a few hardware maintenances. Rest all the technical functions, configuration, for instance, you have to do by yourself.

  • Therefore, you need to know some technical functions in the event of getting a dedicated server for your website.


3. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This is also the same as a shared server, yet, you are using a dedicated portion of the giving out power and memory. No other website can affect your site and unable to giveaway data from your site.

This is also the same as a shared server, yet, you are using a dedicated portion of the giving out power and memory. No other website can affect your site and unable to giveaway data from your site.

Two things should be considered:

  • If you shortly need some more space as your site traffic increasing day by day, the host might not be able to meet your demand instantly.
  • On the other hand, no other site can make your site slow or down, however, it might be possible for shared hosting.


4. Cloud hosting

This is the most modern idea in the hosting industry. In this system, your site will be distributed to the multiple servers around the world, instead of one physical server. When someone requires data from your site, the closest part will deliver it, instantly. What a great idea!

  • It is purely load balancing and wouldn’t let you suffer from site outage.
  • It’s a little bit complex to handle.


5. Managed WordPress Hosting

It is like a high power dedicated server with all the technical support. From the configuration and even the WordPress installation, it is managed by the host. Moreover, sometimes it also takes care of security, backup, and updates for you. Thus, it becomes a very popular web hosting server for all users.

  • It is time-saving and trust-worthy.
  • It has some limitation to the use of plugins and themes.

The verdict on where should I host my website-

  • If you are getting not much traffic to your site, less than 1,00,000/month- go for the shared hosting.
  • If you are getting more than 1,00,000/month visitors to your site- go for the managed WordPress hosting.


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