Why is Hostinger so cheap hosting [3 unavoidable reasons]

why is Hostinger so cheap hosting
why is Hostinger so cheap hosting

Among all the hosting service providers available in the market, Hostinger offers the cheapest price for users. They have made down their price only on $.99/month. But, why is Hostinger so cheap hosting- that’s to know today.

Over 29 million website owners in 178 countries using Hosting for a long time. Subsequently, 15,000+ new users daily signing up for their website with it- all the things indicates that Hostinger giving something special to users. Therefore, now this is very important to know the reason behind it.

Why is Hostinger so cheap hosting

As a hosting provider, Hostinger also a business organization. So that it should have a planned business policy.  As a part of that, it aims to grab the market, whatever the price is going down or up. Therefore, it has sets initially to attract beginners- those who are aims to start a blog regardless of purpose.

Numerous people are starting their blogs every day. As we’ve mentioned at the above, over 15,000 new users signing up with Hostinger daily. Considering all the reasons they have made unique and attractive pricing, that helps them greatly to grab the market.

In addition to that, you should keep in mind with the lowest price, they might not be able to facilitate you enjoy the highest blogging opportunity. Consequently, if you are aiming to upgrade your plan after using their cheapest one, you can do that without any big problem.


  1. Single Shared hosting

This is the most popular hosting plan given by the Hostinger and cheapest hosting price in the industry. It will cost you just $.99/month. Besides this, they have also two other pricing plans- Premium Shared Hosting Plan- cost is $2.89/month is most popular.

Why is Hostinger so cheap hosting

The other hosting plan named Business Shared Hosting Plan will cost you $3.99/month. Theses three plans standing on some separate and distinguished facilities for the users. However, the single shared hosting plan allows you to enjoy bellows features:

  • Website– You can host just one website with this plan, whereas with two other plans, you can enjoy unlimited websites.
  • Processing power & memory– It just 50% less than the premium plan and 75% less than the business plan.
  • Bandwidth– Only 100GB, yet with premium & business plan it goes to the unlimited.
  • Email– You will be able to use only one email account with this price.
  • Daily backup– There is no daily backup service for this plan.
  • My SQL database– Just one you will get, however, for two others it is unlimited.
  • SSL- No SSL certificate for this.
  • Free domain- No free domain.
  • Subdomain- Only two are possible, however, with the premium or business plan, you can add 100 subdomains.
  • Disc Space- Only 10 GB available to use for you.


2. Relaxed customer support

Hostinger has a good customer support team, yet they are a little bit relaxed compared with the other hosting providers. This is might be for their internal system. As they are giving the cheapest hosting facility, so that they may minimize the supporting cost.

Or, they may not worried about the service due to maintaining good quality. Whatever the reason behind it, it also affects their price. So it helps them to make price lower compared with others. Subsequently, most of its user is a beginner. As a beginner, they generally don’t face such a work and data load that may cause any critical issues.

3. Very simple cPanel

It may also reply to you on why is Hostinger so cheap hosting. Be that as it may, let have a look at the cPanel of Hostinger. They have made a very simple cPanel that is ok to the new user. However, for the experienced ones, they might not accept it positively.

Due to many of useful options is missing here with Hostinger cPanel. Keep in mind that for an expert user, straightforwardness is less appealing than the familiarity. Experts are always looking for more options, instead of humble to use.

Above all was the reasons behind why is Hostinger so cheap hosting. Apart from thses, there are so many items missing that make it so cheap among all.

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